Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Updates for October 20

Howdy, y'all! (Ooh, an update with a Southern flair. Like Flickr, but with fewer photos...) Updates so far today:

Dancing and musica aplenty over at R-o-h-i-n-i-f-i-e-d

Manisha questions our food-buying habits on Indian Food Rocks

Betts goes to great lengths to make her post today at Damn Yankee

Bird and Little Bird shares a picture of the very secure Mr. Fox

Lisa tells a funny bathroom story at Lisa in California

Charlotte posts some beautiful family portraits at N.E.O. Moms

Pamela shows off the bulletin board she and her family made at From Barbie to Words

Somebody's looking for Halloween costume inspiration over at confessions of an addict

Cruella Collette goes nutty for squirrels (get it??) at The Giraffability of Digressions. And llamas. Whew.

Meera gives us a recipe for kidney beans curry at Enjoy Indian Food

Romey proves a pigeon can be an effective special teams member at Romey's Ramblings

Karen shares pictures of her little elf at the big cozy (and provides a link to the pattern and yarn with which she gnomified him!)

Helen feels out of the loop at the The Adamis (and sustained a couple of nasty burns while feeling this way)

Tammie wonders what is UP with church pumpkin patches at Irregular Tammie

Hart muses on unpleasant blog comments and standardized testing at Confessions of a Watery Tart (and gives a shout out to another NaBloWriMo blogger! Woohoo!)

D. Lynn links up to a friend's blog (featuring lovely dogs) at Writtenwyrdd

tunneling thru gives us a list of the books she's read on the 100 Books I've Read dealio spreading throughout the universe

Helen relays some important info about the power of the internet when it comes to book publishing at Straight From Hel

Aleta writes about how much fun she had attending her husband's high school reunion at Fleur de Aleta

Aaron muses on the transmogrification of nonfiction discourse into fiction. Or perhaps just bloodthirsty Democratic lizard women. You decide over at a stroke of deLay.

Christine showcases some adorably grotesque Halloween miniatures at CANDID CANINE

high over happy shares a recipe for cashew cookies that made my mouth water--and reveals an unknown truth about cashews.

Rayna offers a fun Halloween drabble at Coffee Rings Everywhere

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