Saturday, September 30, 2006


Ever curious, I did a Google search for NaBloWriMo, just to see if our efforts were working. I can report that they have worked, tremendously!

We're not yet in the number one spot, but the THIRD result for "NaBloWriMo" was my comment on Radhole's blog. Next was a post on my groovygrrl blog. After that, I think was Laura's and then Sue Ellen's.


We will overtake those NaBloWriMo's from a couple of years back, and blow them out of the murky Google waters.

All together now,

"We shall ooooveeer coooo-ooo-ooome, We shall ooooveeer coooo-ooo-ooome..."



I am pleased to announce the following developments:

1. We have a random joiner. Aaron Delay (Tech In Black) has accepted the NaBloWriMo challenge. Thanks for joining, Aaron!

2. October is tomorrow. TOMORROW, PEOPLE! Tomorrow, we blog in earnest.

*rubs hands together like Mr. Burns*


Friday, September 29, 2006


We need to wait only one more day, and then our dream of daily blogging will begin! I know I'm excited.

I wonder who will stumble upon this site and think, "How incredibly lame." ?

Thursday, September 28, 2006


It is a mere two days until NaBloWriMo! It appears as if there will only be a few of us participating. That's okay--we will be able to say, "In your face!" to those who didn't.

I am waiting for that sweet, sweet day.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Tell your friends on:
  • Yahoo groups
  • your blog
  • message boards you frequent
  • etc.

NaBloWriMo is only 5 days away!
Another Blogger Joins Us

Sudiegirl has joined us!

Musings of a Chick

yay! More and more and more and more! How many participants can we get? Tell all yer friends, via google bomb! Use:


as the text, and link to this blog.


Monday, September 25, 2006

New blogger!

Laura at New Frontiers is blogging with us in October!

Make that......Rock-tober!
Our first official, non-me participant!

Go visit Russ at Radhole! He's going to participate! Rock on, Russ!

I lurrrv this already.
I'm making it official. On a blog, no less.

I am proclaiming October to be


Yep. I'm not a novelist. I'm a blogger. In addition to that, I mostly write non-fiction. That and the occasional erotic story, which I plan on selling someday...

But that is another story.

The guidelines for NaBloWriMo are:

1. The post must be at least one paragraph (or 5 sentences).

2. The post must give actual information, and be at the least interesting and well-written, and at best, witty.

3. The post may not simply be a link to something you like ( I do this all the time, and I know it's a cop-out.)

Other than that, post away! Every day! That's the freaking idea!

Why do this? We will do this for the same reason that people participate in NaNoWriMo--to write more often, with the intent that one's writing then becomes better, because it is more prolific. That's my reason, anyway. I need to write every day to hone my skillz. And to stop ending voiced pluralz with a z.

This year, October 1 is this coming Sunday! Yikes! How will we ever get the word out? I recommend a google bomb. A google bomb functions, for us, like this:

1. You have a blog.

2. You post in your blog with a link to THIS BLOG ( using THIS TEXT: NaBloWriMo.

Like this: NaBloWriMo

3. You come back here and post a comment, letting me know you participated.

After that, it's all about the sign-up, baybee. Just sign up (in a comment) to do it, and then you do it. All those who blog every day in October are weiners (read: winners). What do you win? Bragging rights.

How will we know who is participating? I'll let you know, with a link to each person's blog. You don't have to create a new blog. Just send me the link to your blog, and say you are participating.

That's it.

"Why, Amy, why?" you ask me. "Why should we do this? Why should we google bomb? Why should we blog every day?"

I answer you:

We should blog every day because we can, and it is a good way to hone our nonfiction writing skills. We should blog every day because we can say we participated. We should blog every day because it is something achieveable that is immediately meangingful, in a way that novel writing is not. (No need for the rotten-tomato-throwing. I know that novel writing is immediately meaningful to a lot of you. It's just not meaningful to me. And I know I can't be alone.)

Oh, and we should blog every day during October, because we nonfictionistas/-istos deserve our own month, too.

Blog on! Leave a comment with a link to your blog! Tell your friends via google bomb so they can participate, too!

Countdown to NaBloWriMo: 6 days.