Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time's up!

That's it! I've got one more blog to upload, and that's it. We are set for NaBloWriMo 2009! I will email our logo to all bloggers who has emailed me privately, so you have the option of displaying it.

Let the blogging begin!

15 minutes!

We're almost finished adding bloggers! Email me privately if you want to participate. 7pm mountain time is the deadline.

33! Two hours to go!

Two more hours to our deadline of blog acceptance. No word yet on emotional acceptance or parental acceptance.

But blogs? Yep, we'll still take 'em.

Please give encouragement and kisses to NotHannah (aka Heather), who volunteered to design a button for our blogs! We can share the NaBloWriMo love all year round! Heather, you rock.

Two more hours! I'm excited about how many participants we have. Keep up the good work, folks!

29 confirmed--5.5 hours to go! Oh, and peer pressure works.

We have 29 confirmed bloggers! I am still waiting on a blog link from writtenwyrdd.

Peer pressure works! Kitt has agreed to join us! HOORAAAAAAAY!!

There is still time to join in the fun. Email me privately with your joiny message and a link to your blog.

Last Day to Join Us!

Today is the last day to join NaBloWriMo. At 7pm mountain time (-7 GMT), I will stop accepting bloggers, and will delete the rest of the list at the bottom who are unconfirmed.

And tomorrow, we start blogging! One post per day, every day in October--you can do it! You might take a page from Aaron Delay, who is setting up a daily topic schedule: Mondays are religion, Tuesdays are politics, etc. This might help to keep you organized. Those who blog about food (we have several) might choose Mondays for Butter, Tuesdays for Bread, and Wednesdays for vegetables.

But what do I know? Maybe you've already got a bunch of ideas lined up, and you are ready to roll. I, for one, have no ideas, and will just write what comes to mind at the time.

Tell your friends about our challenge. Last day! Last day!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We have reached 20 bloggers! I have kept Kitt on the list, but she is not yet confirmed. Peer pressure, anyone?

If you are just visiting, please consider joining our yearly blogging challenge. We join up and agree to post to our blogs once per day, every day in October. If you want to do this, too, please send me a private email (under the pumpkin) with a link to your blog, and I'll add you. Come join in, make new friends, and get a super blogroll. You will never lack reading material again!


Eighteen confirmed bloggers for NaBloWriMo! Hooray!

There is still time to join. Send a private email to the address below the pumpkin with a link to your blog, and your commitment to blog once per day in October. Hooray!

Now, everybody go over to the Kittalog and convince her to join us. :)


Yowza! We are at 16 confirmed bloggers for NaBloWriMo--National Blog Writing Month. This is something that I decided, and so we're doing it. I've been hosting it for the past two years--this is my third year. Hooray!

The deal: Blog once per day in the month of October.

The prize: Bragging rights for a whole year.

The benefit: Create a habit for blogging, or writing every day, or self-promotion. However you view it, blogging every day is a good thing.

Does Twitter count? What if I Tweet every day? NO.

To join: Send an email to me at my email address below the pumpkin. Send a link to your blog, and a statement saying that you want to join. That's it!


Keep up the promotion, folks. Good job! Use Twitter and Facebook, as needed.

To join:

Send me an email at the address on the right, in the text under the pumpkin. Send a link to your blog, and let me know you want to join. It's that easy!


We now have 14 confirmed bloggers for NaBloWriMo! Hooray! Today and tomorrow we have the chance to spread the word, so let's do that.

Folks who are new to this site and idea:

NaBloWriMo is a blogging challenge. Those of us who agree to participate will write one blog post per day (on our own blogs) during the month of October. I will post periodic updates on this blog, so that we can learn about who we are and what we do and isn't that fun?

Yes, it is.

If you want to accept the challenge, please email me at the address under the pumpkin, with a link to your blog.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Thirteen confirmed bloggers! Keep up the good work, folks!

12 Confirmed Bloggers!

I love the power of the Inernet. 12 confirmed bloggers in a few short hours! Blog about us, link to this post, and get the word out.

Join us for a blogging challenge: once per day, we write a blog post, during the month of October. Easier than writing a novel, but often more difficult than finding matching socks while getting dressed at 5:30am. So, I recommend getting up at 5:00 and blogging! It's what I did last year!

C'mon. What are ya--chicken?

10 Confirmed Bloggahs

The ten bloggers at the top of the list are confirmed! If you haven't sent me a private email already, please do so. I want to create a contact list this year. I'm not gonna spam you, I promise.

Also, if you haven't already, please subscribe to this blog. That way, you will get updates on the project when I post about it.

Keep promoting today and tomorrow. I'll cut off the sign-up process at 7pm mountain time on Sept. 3o, 2009. Cutthroat!

Joiners, do this.

To all who wish to join our NaBloWriMo fun times, please send a joiny message to me, (Amy) at my email address on the right, below the pumpkin. I need to make a contact list for all bloggahs.


I have commented on all the blogs on our blogroll, or emailed folks (whose emails I have), asking if you are participating. You have exactly two days to decide!

Please link to my previous post about NaBloWriMo this year, and blog about it! Let's see if we can't bump up our blogroll and get some new blood in here. I've already received one response of a person bowing out. I understand! Believe me! I can barely believe I'm doing this again, myself!

Let your Facebook peeps know, Tweet it, whatever. Blog, blog, blog!

NaBloWriMo is ON.

I don't care how tired I am. This thing is on, and I'll do it.

One blog post per day in October, 2009! Tell yer friends!

I think this year I will tell my Facebook friends and see who bites. Let's get a huge blogroll, people!

This Year

I am so tired, and I don't know if I can rally myself to blog every day in October. Does anyone want to take over this project?

Please forward this post to anybody you think would want to participate or run this thing. I'm so dang tired.

But even now, as I write this, I kinda want to do it. *sighs*