Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'll Blog ya! Tomorrow!

October 1 starts NaBloWriMo--National Blog Writing Month! All participating with me on this blogroll who blog each day in October will receive a free lip balm! I make 'em, they're all-natural, and they feel great.

If that doesn't inspire you, then not much will. I suppose a large cash prize might. I don't have a large cash prize! I have lip balm!

So far, I've received word from Kitt at the Kittalog, Manisha at Indian Food Rocks! and NotHannah at, well, I'm Not Hannah. That's four of us. Who else will take my challenge? Speak up, ye bloggers, and make haste doing it!

I'm leaving Russ (Radhole) and Sue Ellen (Musings of a Chick) up there, because I suspect they may still want to join, since they've done it in the past. Others I haven't heard from, so I deleted them. If you still want to join, shoot me an email and you're in!

Update: We're full! Gor! It's all I can handle right now. Thanks for the interest, and come back next year! And there's nobody saying you can't blog every day, anyway....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why do this crayzee ass thing?

Well, we do this because we are writers, and it keeps us writing every day.

We do this because the month after NaBloWriMo is NaNoWriMo, but we aren't necessarily novelists.

We do this because we are novelists, and need to train ourselves, and gear up for it.

We do this because we are loners, Dottie. Rebels.

Another year has passed!

It's time for NaBloWriMo again! This time, I'm giving out prizes.

Yes, prizes!!! I'll give a luxury lip balm to every blogger who blogs once per day in October. Yes, I'm serious!

Who's in? Who? Who?

I'm in. I'm crazy, and I'm in. I can NEVER understand why I do this every October, but I'm gonna keep doing it. You can't stop me!