Thursday, October 01, 2009

Let the Blogging Begin

We are finished adding bloggers to our list. The deadline passed, and I have a life to lead. So, if you are visiting us for the first time, please know that all the bloggers on the list to the right are committed to posting once per day for the whole month of October.

Your reading material boredom has just been eradicated.



scrapwordsmom said...

I stopped by because an old high school pal of yours recommended it!! Chanda Adams. I love to write and blog and she said you did, too. Wish I would have known sooner so I could have gotten in on the blogging fun! Next time!! I'm gonna put a link up for you on my blog. Would love for you to stop by mine...Words of Me Project.
Have a great day!!!

Kim, Rambling Family Manager said...

What a cool idea! Sorry I missed the deadline (I just heard about you on Use Real Butter) but I'll try to meet the challenge anyway. :)

Charlotte said...

Hi N.E.O. Moms here! Thanks for putting me on your blog roll, very cool! I will write and link you up on my blog later today, I gotta get my savages out the door to a trip to a pumpkin patch this morning.

Christina said...

Bummer, I missed the deadline. =( I might still post daily just cuz, anyway!

Clare said...

I signed up in september but did not see that you asked for my email and blog name. Can I still get on?

Rockquelle, the Rollergirl Next Door said...


I had left a comment on an earlier post, asking for which blog you wanted. You have several blogs listed in your profile. Please email me privately with the link to the blog you want to use for this challenge.


Rockquelle, the Rollergirl Next Door said...


Thanks for stopping by our project. We have a great blogroll with lots of good reading material. Tell Chanda I said hi!


Lisa Anne said...

Oh man I just found out about this.

I'm an everyday blogger, all the time now!! I've got a secret to how I make it possible.

come join my craft swap!