Saturday, October 03, 2009

First Saturday Update: Three posts by the end of today.

I will probably only be able to update once per week. I have invited Heather (I'm Not Hannah) to also make updates here. We've got a lot of blogs to follow!

I'm glad Use Real Butter is back. Those photos of fall foliage are lovely.

Coffee Rings Everywhere shows why she rocks with her story that was published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul. Awesome!

From Barbies to Words is doing some photoblogging. Apparently she does book covers? Have a look.

Giraffability is sick. Boo!

Go smooch Her Affectionate Heart and tell her how much you love her freckles.

Aaron DeLay is on a great roll. Check out his blog setup--NaBlo all the way, baby.

Aaaand that's all I've got in me right now, as you might understand if you've seen my To-Do lists. Also, since today is the first day off in 12 in a row for me, I'm going to run errands, attend a bridal shower, and go to ROLLER DERBY tonight! My life is about "active relaxation" apparently.

Keep blogging! You should have made three blog posts by the end of today. Keep it up, folks!


Rispa Frances said...

Your enthusiasm is contageous!! Thanks for all the effort and energy you are putting in to this. Hope you have a super wonderful day off!!

Natasha said...

I totally second Rispa - your enthusiasm is contagious!

Pamela said...

Thanks for the comment!

Sadly, that's just a play cover for the novel I cowrote with my sister this past summer. I did have lots of fun making it though!

From Barbies to Words
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