Friday, October 16, 2009

Update for October 16

Good morning, folks! Check out the good reading materials below:

Tunneling Thru offers a glimpse of the first Diwali celebrated at the White House

Helen discusses the effect of online writing on the publishing industry at Straight from Hel

Aleta gives some important advice about credit cards at Fleur de Aleta

Aaron shares part three of his Western anthology at a stroke of deLay

Rayna muses on a Diwali tradition (and traditions in general) at Coffee Rings Everywhere

Christine posts a picture of a lovely miniature witch she dressed at Candid Canine

D. Lynn links up to an article about editing to improve writing at Writtenwyrdd

Martha praises future heirlooms In Martha's World

There ya go! Some of these are from Thursday, so if you're like me, you need to get cracking and write Friday's post.

Take the time to visit these guys while you're at it.


writtenwyrdd said...

Hi, thanks for the linky love! I admit to ignorance about Diwali so I'm off to learn something new. (I love link lists but am generally too lazy to make a link list post.)

Aleta said...

I like how you do these, helps me to catch up. I was behind in my reading over the weekend. Went to jail, umm yeah, you read that right! ;-) I'll blog about it this week. Lol.