Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 10, 2013--What Does Writing Mean to You?

This week, the children have been home and we have stuffed the days with cleaning and playing and gardening and visiting and reading and crafting and going to the fair.  My priorities have not included "me" time, which is what blog-writing is, so I missed a couple of days.  I don't feel particularly guilty about it, but I do find myself analyzing the reasons why.

I think that caused me to fall off of writing I'm Not Hannah and writing in general was that for years, it was a job for me.  Or it was the thing I thought I would do to have a career or make a name for myself.  And now that I've found a career that isn't writing, it feels weird to write without a plan or endgame.  I love the written word and I LOVE to write, but that isn't to say that writing isn't a time-consuming, sometimes difficult endeavor and in the life I have RIGHT NOW, I'm not sure how it fits in.

I also know that I spend a lot of time THINKING about writing or THINKING of blog posts or character bits and that falls by the wayside when I get on the computer for a non-photography-related portion of my day.  I've thought of writing as a job for so long, it's hard to think of it as a pure pleasure.

I'm not sure how to translate this observation into change:  I WANT to blog and write a novel, but I don't know if I CAN do that any more.  Writing has changed for me, and I don't know what to do with that change.

What about you?  What does writing mean to you?   Why do you blog and what do you think you want your writing to mean to others?


Raige Creations said...

I am trying to make writing a source of income, so right now writing means to me a potential to do something I love and get a little $ for it. A little pressure, but if I keep it something I love, I think good things are bound to happen.

The hard part is writing meaningful things on a regular basis. I hope I can inspire others, but some days I need inspiration myself.

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

I want to be published someday. I love to write, if/when the words come. I feel like I have story in me waiting to be told, I've also been told by a tarot reader (who I didn't even mention anything to) tell me I would be a writer and that someday I'd be published.

As for blogging, for me it's an outlet, a means of expression and venting. Sometimes I think that through my blog and telling my story, I might be able to help someone.

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