Thursday, October 03, 2013

Day 3, 2013--Loose Ends

Good morning, petunias!

A few things before I get off this couch and do my living thing today:

  1. I know that some of you from last year are writing for this year and you aren't on the roll yet.  I'm going through last year's writers right now to try to get it all sorted out.  If you are writing and I'm missing you, let me know by commenting here or on the FB page.  
  2. The prompts are being collated and I'll get them up ASAP.  I know that some of you need them.  Feel free to look through the ones from last year if you need to in the mean time.  I promise we won't hate on you for using stale prompts.  ;)
  3. I find that I'm blogging reallllly late at night and that, perhaps, it would be a good idea for me to blog earlier.  Ahem.  When are you doing your blogging?
  4. Do you find the FB page helpful?  I sometimes wonder if the reason my blogging has fallen by the wayside is because I spend a lot of time chatting it up on FB.

Anywhoodles, have splendid days and write your little booties off whenever you find the time.


Raige Creations said...

I normally blog in the mornings, but some days it comes to me later. Some days, not at all. lol.
I do find the FB page helpful. I am one of those who also likes feedback, so look there for that. Keep up the great work! Happy blogging.

Vickie said...

I find for me, blogging at night to schedule for the next day seems to work best. I keep track of thoughts throughout the day and then try to piece them all together.

And YES! The FB page really helps to keep track of what is happening.

Thanks for everything you are doing!

Aleta said...

I used to FB a lot - ironic reading this post, because today's post on my blog is about the "dark side of FB" Lol... Anyway... for the reasons stated on my blog, nope, I don't participate as much with FB. Picture sharing is about it. I'm happy with the bloggy world :)

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

I do Facebook, probably more than I should.

I am going to try and blog along this month. I missed the first day :(

I typically blog at night, before I head off to bed.

Here's my link to yesterday's post:

Nessabutterfly said...

I do most of my blogging late at night. FB is for personal stuff, and my blogs have specific purposes. I definitely get personal there, but usually it's on topic. On FB, I can dump a little more (and often far too much)

Sarah said...

After 9 PM for me, definitely. I just have too many people in and out of here (teaching) and other things that demand my time during the day. Plus I'm a natural night owl and just think better and more efficiently in the evenings after things calm down.

I enjoy FB but don't get lost in it too often.

Danette said...

No FB for me. I am blogging in the evening for now and doubt it will change except for my day's off. I am scrapping around for time and wasn't planning on doing this at all but it's a "hard habit to breaaak"