Saturday, October 05, 2013

Day 5, 2013--What to Do When Things Get Busy

Life?  Gets in the way.  Today I got up early to edit, went to work, worked LATE, got distracted (and almost killed by) the Georgia game, and was visited by my aunt and uncle.  Now it's 9:02 and I haven't done my I'm Not Hannah blog OR this one.  So...what should I do?

The easy thing is to write a give away blog:  a few lines where you say, "This is a short blog.  Because I'm busy.  Give me a break."  I'm all for blog posts like that.

You can also find a few links to stories you find interesting, pictures you find fascinating, blog posts that provoked your thoughts.

Sometimes I'll write a few lines about a favorite memory or song, just to connect with my audience.
Sometimes, I don't write anything at all.

Remember that the point of NaBloWriMo is to connect with your writerly self, other writers, and have FUN.

Hope y'all are all still having FUN!


Nessabutterfly said...

My blog posts aren't much fun at all! October is filled with hard stuff for me, and SO MANY health issue awareness days/months that affect me or my family. I think I've only got one more "awareness" related post to do this month, and I'm shoving it back a few weeks.
Tomorrow, I'm posting about costumes!!

Raige Creations said...

oh I was so feeling this 'life gets in the way' thing yesterday. I managed to have great inspiration in front of me on my way home from work.
Roll on.

Danette said...

When/if you get a chance...

or not *shrug, I'm NaBlo-in'... I guess it doesn't matter if I'm in the Blogroll or not.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a very short ficlet inspired by a really pretty gif I found on Tumblr. Besides being very careful to link back to the original post, it was fun and felt creative and I didn't miss the day.
Short can still be a good time.