Wednesday, October 01, 2008


We got another one! Nags wanted to join us, but she has two blogs:

Cooking and Me


The Way I Always Was.

She will be combining her efforts within those two. It counts! It counts because I say so.

Okay, and here's another note about scheduled blogging--the idea is to have a blog post every day. To make a really good one, that's a lot of writing to schedule. So I'm not going to worry about it. Sometimes we might schedule a post, becuase we have thoughts in our head and want to jot them down, and we're afraid we won't get to the blog that day. The majority of the posts, however, should be made daily. Save drafts, if you have to, instead of scheduling posts.

My little circle of control does not include hacking into your computers to see if you are scheduling posts. Therefore, I guess I can't make a rule about it.

I had someone comment---Mimi. She might send me her blog today, and if she does, then she's in, as well. And Aaron Delay is asking to come back, but he said his blog won't be up until Thursday. I'm going to leave it to y'all to vote whether or not he should be in. Comment away!


bee said...

amy, i tred sending ¥ou an e-mail. dunno if you ogit we're in.

ClaireWalter said...

I had same problem that Bee did in sending you an E-mail. Didn't happen. I had already posted an entry on before I learned about your contest from Kittalong. I post on that just about every day, so I like the motivation to make it daily. I also have a travel blog at So what do I do now?

Rockquelle, the Rollergirl Next Door said...


I'll see what the problem is with the email link. I'll list your culinary colorado blog. You're in!


Anonymous said...

So am I in? I'll be starting my posting today...