Saturday, October 04, 2008

Day 4--how are you doing?

What great blogs we have in our blogroll!

Use Real Butter appears to be in California, eating dim sum with family. She also offered a great wassail recipe. I love wassail.

Here It Is offers inspiration in the form of song lyrics.

Straight from Hel talks of memes and book tours. I'm into book marketing, so I may be hanging out there.

Seriously Wonderful talks about her dream the other day. So am I! Remembering my dreams, that is, and talking about them. Who, oh who will analyze our dreams?

Fun Climbs Around the World talks about a City of Rocks.

Aaron DeLay wrote some fiction for us!

The Damn Yankee went to the opera. With a bum foot? Check it out and see.

Nags connects her "Pick me!" moments from adulthood and childhood. Ahn. And bummer. That flip video sounded cool.

Danette at Conch-To-Be offers up some of her fiction this week, as well as political musings. How'd you enjoy that debate, Danette?

Siri is coming over to my house to make Dal. Right, Siri? Right...? *pouts*

Enjoy Indian Food? why, yes! I do! Eggless cucumber cake? Never heard of it! Hop on over there and check it out.

Mimi tells of her love of my lip balm, and shares a great voting video. Loved that, Mimi. I'm registered. No worries.

Thistle Dew Farms? It's all about horses and fairy encounters. No, I'm serious.

Digging In talks about caterpillars and the arrival of fall. It is a nice day out there, folks. Go dig in the dirt, once. We've got mini-pumpkins!

Culinary Colorado = Nepalese lunch. Yummah!

Jugalbandi! Is that your photograph of those figs! That is a gorgeous photo!

The Way I Always Was Shopping At Ikea. Ikea!

Cooking and Me--are you slacking? October 2? Come on, there! Oh, wait. You have two blogs, don't you? Were you shopping at Ikea? (I can't keep all this straight.)

Manisha (Indian Food Rocks) has an incredible piece of writing, related to her personal history and Sanzori. I command you all to go read it.

Kitt's outing to Devil's Gulch yielded spectacular photos of fall aspens in the Rockies. Kitt, your blog is always so worth it!

I'm Not Hannah emailed me, saying she was "in like Flynn," and hasn't posted since 9/25. I'm thinking she's out. Hannah????

That leaves me. I've been talking about the dreams I've been remembering--two cool ones, and one nightmare. The other nightmare was the debate the other night, which I supplemented with a drinking game over gmail chat with a friend.

Dang! We rock! It's Rocktober, I think.


Kitt said...

I've enjoyed looking through all the participating blogs. Keep it up!

Siri said...

Lovely post Amy!..:) Its indeed so exciting to be a part of NaBloWriMo.

Thanks for having me..


Not Hannah said...

I'm here, chicky. I just got stuck with an injured mil and sick kiddos. Posted today and while I know I've forfeited the lip balm, I'm gonna try real hard to post every day from now on.


Thistledew Farm said...

What a fun read! Thanks for putting that together!