Thursday, October 02, 2008

The End of The Joining

Aaron DeLay

Fun Climbs Around the World

Seriously Wonderful

Straight From Hel

Welcome! Aaaaaand, I'm done with the joining. We've got enough reading to choke a goat, here. I've got to get some soap work done tonight, as well as some blogging and writing a letter, and paying a bill. And such.

Oh, and watching the debates! Great blog fodder!


Jen Yu said...

dang it. i never read instructions... kitt told me to sign up and i'm all, "sign up on what? i'm already posting daily in october..." durrrrrr.

so if you are done w/ a blogroll for nablowrimo, i understand. if you feel like adding me then: use real butter -

thanks and sorry for lameness (and no lip balm necessary).

Rockquelle, the Rollergirl Next Door said...

You're in. :)


Indian Food Rocks said...

Dude, you give up easily. Either that or you don't want the blogroll becoming a directory of Indian food blogs. Har har har!