Thursday, October 04, 2012

Day Four, 2012--How We Doin'?

I'm fighting allergies/a cold and feel a little bit like cold poo, but I managed to scrape together a post about a favorite new product.  Posts about new products you've tried or your favorite items are great for quick posts when you feel like cold poo.   Just a little tip for you.  I'm FULL of them.

How are you doing so far?  Are you keeping yourself hydrated?  Energized?  Visiting other blogs?  Learning more about yourself from blogging than you ever thought possible?

Can Emergen-C make you high?

Just wondering.

Have a good night, sweetumses!


Betty Briones said...

Doing pretty well. Evie is teething and Ella may be getting a cold, but other than that really, really glad fall break has begun. :)

Ruth said...

Really enjoying this so far! I didn't have anything to write about one day so I did a list of 10 favorite things by just posting pics.

Unknown said...

Just found this and would love to jump in. Is it too late?

mamaraby said...

Hope you feel better soon!