Thursday, October 04, 2007

Day 4 update

Russ details his imaginary hobo life on Oct. 3. Check out radhole for that story. I love it!

Sue Ellen blogs twice on the 4th to make up for missing the 3rd. It's allowed because I say so. She wasn't feeling well, and showed me her doctor's note. Marmite and free publicity. Do they go together? Today they do.

Robert puts the Squeaker to sleep in his Oct. 3 post. This is so important, people. Parents will know I have no sarcasm in my voice on that statement.

Susan lists the medicinal herbs at her suburban homestead. Nice list! Is this really suburbia?

Heather Not Hannah does a cute meme (which I might do, as I'm out of an idea for my blog post today), and also discusses the ridiculousness of calling someone "the autism whisperer." Um..I agree? Y'all go read it now, and see for yourself.

Dani, the Queen of Socks, discusses a bunny who got brushed in class, and reviews a book who apparently knits with NEEDLES THE SIZE OF TREE BRANCHES. Holy crap. She could knit a sweater in a minute with those things.

Dani also discusses planning a church window, windows. Great pics!

Heather Ophelia outlines the rules of the road, and her personal experience, at Alecto's Ophelia.

Whew! I guess I'd better do my post for today.

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Sent you an email to join in the fun once again this year...:)

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