Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 Day 13: Whoa--Five Days?

Sorry it's been so long since an update here--I find that between I'm Not Hannah, Divining Women, and other writerly projects, this one (which actually takes so little time) gets the brunt of the inattention.

Just wanted to give you all a big thumbs up--you're doing great.  I'm enjoying getting to know some of you and getting to know some of you better.  (Here's a weird thing--I find I'm commenting much less on my NaBloWriMo friends' blogs.  I guess it's because I've known them longer and know that they probably are doing the same thing.  Y'all know I luff you, right?  Right.)  So many folks writing so many actually is inspiring tonight's I'm Not Hannah post.

Writing prompt for today:  Describe your ideal writing setting.  Now--tell us if that's where you do your writing.  In other words, does your current office/nook/den/whathaveyou meet the needs you have as a writer?

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A. S. Boudreau said...

I do my writing in my office which I've recently redecorated in a rock and roll theme...

It's all redone in a caramel and cream colors and even have an old guitar hanging from the wall on one side. I have a shelf with my mini Harley motorcycles and Elvis Memorabilia on it.. my mini guitars are up.. as well as my Real ones. and I have photos of Roxette and Elvis on the walls and hope soon to have the Beatles as well.

My office is my 'sanctuary' and has a little pillow that hangs on the door outside that says Do Not Disturb when I'm inside writing.