Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Harvest Moon!

I'm not sure what that has to do with NaBloWriMo, frankly, but it IS the Harvest Moon, so hum a few bars of Neil Young and write me an email to sign up for the October blog-writing festapalooza.  So far, we have ELEVEN writers!  Woohoo!

 A few quick notes:  most of the folks signing up thus far are not down with the categories.  I'll give it a few more days, but far be it from me to pigeonhole y'all if you don't want to pigeonholed.  (Have you ever wondered about the etymological background of that word?  Like...were people actually stuffing pigeons into holes?  That seems a bit extreme.)  Anyway, I'm thinking the categories are going to be nixed.

I'm considering setting up a Facebook page.  What do you think?  Too much?  It might be a good way for us to keep up with each other during the off-season.

We've had several folks offer up crafty goodness, e-books (Yay, Ms. Amy!!), and header designs for giveaway prizes.  Most excellent!

I know, I know, I don't have the buttons ready yet, but I'll have them up by tomorrow, I promise.

Only a couple more weeks, y'all.  Yay!


Golden Eagle said...

I don't social network, so a Facebook page wouldn't really affect me--though a lot of people are on it, so it could come in handy. :)

(Your pigeonhole comment inspired me to Google it. Apparently, pigeon cotes resembled places to put documents, hence "pigeonholing" things--meaning organizing them.

Danette said...

I am blogging about it at the momento so that Word gets out. I'll let people know Miz Amy is rockin on the ebooks.

Rockquelle, the Rollergirl Next Door said...

I say yes to the FB page. More exposure = more bloggers.

Red Rose said...

I just found you through a link on Zibbet on Facebook. Being a new blogger, but an old writer, I think it would be great to try my darndest to uphold a blog post everyday.

I'd love a follow back here

Hart Johnson said...

So it totally just occurred to me that October is... you know... Saturday... and I was going to push this tomorrow. Is there a button or McLinky or anything? Whatever the case, I am linking back HERE because I wasn't sure where else to link back to, so maybe post a link if I shoulda sent them elsewhere? (or email me and I can edit)

Hart Johnson said...

And, though YOU know who I am, I suppose I should play by the rules... I am HERE:

Raige Creations said...

hey! I found you on FB! so I say yes to that, and wonder if I can still get in on this. I try to blog about 3 times a week, but even that is sometimes difficult to do. I think it would be fun to try, and meet some new people!

So, my blog is
will shoot off an email now.

Amy@10th Ave. said...

I'd like to join the party, too! :) And I do think FB would provide good exposure.

My blog is

...only a couple days to go!