Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Project

Image by Jigg's Images. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Hello Nablowrimo bloggers. I am posting with a request.

Can you help me get the word out about my new publishing project? You can find it here:

Craft e-Revolution

I am looking for people who write craft tutorials of all kinds. Bloggers who regularly do this are encouraged to contact me. Even if you did just a little "Call for Submissions" post on your blog, with a link to the site, that would be great. I am so grateful for any help you can give.

Also, if any of you (HINT HINT) want to contact me regarding writing a book, please do so. I know several of you have kick-ass blogs wherein you do tutorials (food counts!).

Thanks for your help getting the word out!


Not Hannah said...

Spreading the word, chickadee.

Nishant said...

its great post thanks for sharing
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