Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Day to Join Us!

Today is the last day to join NaBloWriMo. At 7pm mountain time (-7 GMT), I will stop accepting bloggers, and will delete the rest of the list at the bottom who are unconfirmed.

And tomorrow, we start blogging! One post per day, every day in October--you can do it! You might take a page from Aaron Delay, who is setting up a daily topic schedule: Mondays are religion, Tuesdays are politics, etc. This might help to keep you organized. Those who blog about food (we have several) might choose Mondays for Butter, Tuesdays for Bread, and Wednesdays for vegetables.

But what do I know? Maybe you've already got a bunch of ideas lined up, and you are ready to roll. I, for one, have no ideas, and will just write what comes to mind at the time.

Tell your friends about our challenge. Last day! Last day!


Helen said...

I totally think I can do it :)

But that's mostly because I have no life, and have to stop myself from blogging daily anyway to save people from sheer boredom of my blog...

Anyway, I will totally join in. Sending that email immediately!

writtenwyrdd said...

I didn't join last year, but I want to this year. I generally post every day but Sunday anyhow, so I might as well join in the fun!

Rockquelle, the Rollergirl Next Door said...

writtenwrdd: Great! Which blog were you going to use? Please send me a private email (address below the pumpkin) with the link to the blog you choose.


Aleta said...

Cool! I'll have to check out Aaron Delay's idea. (I'm not a cook, so that would be a bad idea... then again, I could try a couple of recipes and make that a blog post on my endeavors. Lol) I'm nervous, but I think it's going to be fun!