Sunday, October 02, 2011

Today's prompt comes from Julianna and goes "If you could live the life of any heroine or hero from one of your favorite books, which one would it be?"  I'm doing a spin on it, but I'll be writing something like that in a few minutes (or hours...whichever.)  I want to make sure that y'all know you don't HAVE to use the prompt, nor do you have to use it on the day I post it.  In fact, you can post today's prompt on the 17th.  There are few rules around here, my friends.

River's fever took a sharp left turn toward barfing and the chills last night, so I didn't get all of the prompts or the buttons up.  All apologies, my loves.  Got a few more entries last night (and this morning), as well, so I'll be adding those in a few moments. If you added last night or early this morning, you probably aren't on the list, but if you added yesterday, you SHOULD be (even if my Excel suddenly and inexplicably developed a problem somehow related to Frontpage and exploded...sigh.)  If you don't see yourself up there, let me know!

You'll note that I linked to Julianna's blog, "In the Playpen," above in the prompt.  I encourage you to visit as many of the blogs on the list as you can.  Not every blog will interest you, but even a friendly "hi" can make a fledgling (or experienced) feel good.

Happy writing!


Judie said...

Sorry 'bout the fever... concerns, concerns... be well.

Blogger Grrl said...

Jesus christ, how many bloggers do we have this year?