Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another year has passed!

It's time for NaBloWriMo again! This time, I'm giving out prizes.

Yes, prizes!!! I'll give a luxury lip balm to every blogger who blogs once per day in October. Yes, I'm serious!

Who's in? Who? Who?

I'm in. I'm crazy, and I'm in. I can NEVER understand why I do this every October, but I'm gonna keep doing it. You can't stop me!


Manisha said...

Oktoberfest rocks. (hic) Even in September.

Oops sorry. We're talking about NaBloWriMo.

I is in. I is crazy. But I is in.

You know that now we can cheat with scheduled posts on Blogger, ya?

Not Hannah said...

I'm in like Flynn.

Kitt said...

No cheating!

Well, I'm inclined to think that pre-posting isn't really cheating. You're taking the time to write something, yes?

I had 59 posts last October. I probably won't manage so many this time around.