Monday, October 08, 2007

another blogger. Yes, it's day 8.

Aaron blogged with us last year. I am a softie. He's in.


Aaron DeLay said...


sudiegirl said...

I got a note:

Dear Groovygrrl:

Please excuse Sudiegirl from blogging the past three days, as her computer at home rolled over on its back and died and she's too much of a broke-ass individual to buy a new one.

Sudiegirl's mother, her hard drive, and her modem.

Manisha said...

Soooo...can someone who is stressed and in the middle of a deadline join 11 days into the challenge? I take it weekends are not off? :-D

groovygrrl said...

Weekends are NOT OFF, lady! :) Are you sure you wanna do this? Have you blogged each day in October?

Manisha said...

Um, no, I haven't blogged each day in October. I was too busy celebrating my 40th and then I woke up to this. So am I disqualified before I even start? Boo! What if I want to try?

I did let Kitt know about this challenge. (And, pssst! she raved about your soaps!)

groovygrrl said...



Oh, for curry's sake. Fine. You are in.

(I got booed!)

What's your link again? Indianfoodrocks?