Sunday, October 08, 2006


As today is October 8, that means we've been blogging for a week, people! Good job! Keep it up! And other such motivational things!


adelay said...

I'm beating up Scarlett Johansson.


Sudiegirl said...

Isn't that the other way 'round, me boy-o?

j/k, my friend...

I did two blog entries today to make up for the one I missed yesterday. Wasn't that highly over-achieving of me?

But seriously, ADelay, why would you wanna beat up Scarlett Johanssen? What'd she ever do to you?

groovygrrl said...

There will be no violence. Especially against white-hot babes.

Sudiegirl said...

Here here!

Her and Angelina Jolie would be two women who could really make me rethink the whole gender preference thing.